Sniffari 1-on-1

Sniffari Hike (sniffing safari) is a scent walk where your dog’s nose takes the lead and sets the pace. These are 1-on-1 outings with a staff member exploring our half-mile private, wooded Adventure Trail. Sniffari’s are mentally enriching as dogs rely on their sense of smell to piece together the environment around them.

We humans can smell a lot of things with our six million scent receptors. What’s for dinner, what scent the burning candle is, chopped onions. But how does this compare with up to 300 million? Your dog has 300 million olfactory cells in its nose, so going for a Sniffari walk will help your dog slow down and truly “smell the roses”.

Sniffari walks are mentally and physically stimulating, helping your dog to decompress and slow down. Our walks will improve your dog’s welfare, behavior, and well-being by using their senses to investigate the environment. Sniffari walks will put your dog’s welfare first and foremost.