All pricing below takes effect on May 1, 2022

Canine Boarding Rates Per Night

Suite Size One Guest Two Guest Three Guest
(4 x 5) ~ (4 x 6) ~ (6 x 6) $49.00 $73.50 $98.00
(8 x 5) ~ (8 x 6) $57.00 $86.00 $115.00
(12 x 6) $92.00 $123.00

Daycare and play groups are included with Boarding on the day your dog checks in and until noon the next day. If picked up after 12:00, you will be charged a 1/2 day of daycare, currently $16.00.

Dog Daycare and Discount Packages Daily Rate
Full Day – $28.00 $28.00
10-Day Package (No Expiration) – $260.00 $26.00
3 Days per Week – $72.00 $24.00
5 Days per Week – $115.00 $23.00
Half Day (Up to 5 Hours) – $16.00 $16.00


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We are more than happy to accommodate your reservation request. Please remember that we are holding your request pending your pet’s arrival. Many times, customers forget that our facilities are limited. When the kennel is full, we must turn business away. Due to an increase in “No Shows” and late cancellations, we reserve the right to implement a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $50 or fifty percent of the amount of reserved stay whichever is the lesser amount. This deposit will be taken at the time the reservation is made and applied to the final bill for the stay.


These periods are considered peak season months. During these times we may collect a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in the amount of $50.00 or fifty percent of the amount of stay, whichever is the lesser value. This deposit will be taken at the time of the reservation is made and applied to the final bill for the stay.


We enforce the following policies at Broadmore Pet Retreat to ensure a safe and secure environment for your pet:


Both indoor and outdoor kennels are disinfected daily. This includes individual kennels, aisles, bedding, elevated beds, bowls, etc. As our guests experience a great deal of outdoor handling therefore accidents are infrequent. In the event of an accident, supervising staff immediately clean and disinfect the area.


Our kennel is designed with ventilation and a heating and cooling system that keeps dogs cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Proof of current vaccination is the customer’s responsibility. All vaccination records need to be provided on the veterinarian’s letterhead. Vaccinations are required for Boarding, Daycare and Grooming


  • Out of state guests are required to provide a Health Certificate from their veterinarian.
  • Distemper/Parvo combination shot is required on a yearly basis or every 3 years
  • Both 1 and 3-year rabies vaccinations are accepted
  • A negative fecal exam is required on an annual basis
  • Bordetella vaccine is required every 6 months. For dogs receiving their ‘First’ Bordetella shot, we require a (14) day waiting period before a boarding/daycare reservation.


We maintain a daily status report on all our guests, tracking moods, eating habits, stools and medications. Depending on the severity of the abnormality, we may opt to contact your veterinarian, or our consulting vet, if yours is unavailable. We may also need to contact you via the emergency phone number that you provide at the time of check in. Please ensure that this number allows us to reach you or someone who can make decisions in your absence.


Fresh water is available to all guests 24 hours a day unless directed otherwise by the owner. Our staff monitors water consumption


The Enrollment Form must be read and executed for all guests staying at our facility.

Click here for text of this agreement.


We welcome personal items that provide your loved one the scents of home. Please label all items and do not bring those with sentimental value. We do everything in our power to keep these articles safe, clean and with your pet for their intended use. HOWEVER, WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR DAMAGED ITEMS.


Length of outdoor play times depends upon the weather. Adjustments are made based on temperatures above 80*F or below 30*F and during heavy rains and lightning.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation?

We are open for drop off and pick ups:

  • Monday – Friday -7:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Saturday – 8:00 to 12:00 noon
  • We are open Sunday for Pickup Only from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

What days is your office closed?

  • January 1st
  • The Sunday before Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • The Sunday before Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Where is the Kennel located?

We are in Shawnee, KS at 20614 West 47th Street. We are 2 miles West of I-435 and the Holliday Drive exit.

What do I need to do prior to boarding or daycare?

All customers must complete and submit our online Enrollment Form. We also need proof that vaccinations meet our requirements.

Do I need to bring my dogs food for boarding?

We recommend you bring your pet’s food to lessen the chance of a digestive disturbance. We do have available a chicken and brown rice kibble in house.

What if my dog gets hurt or sick during their stay?

We monitor your pet closely while they are with us. Should your pet become ill or injured we contact you first and then your veterinarian. If your veterinarian is unavailable we would then call our consulting Vet, Dr. Doug Broderius for treatment.

Can I bring personal items for my dog?

You are more than welcome to bring your pet’s favorite blanket or bedding, toys, chews and treats for your dog during their stay. Smells from home can relax a pet especially at night.

What vaccinations and other health related items are required?

  • Bordetella vaccination is required every 6 months
  • Distemper group and Rabies vaccinations are required every year or every 3 years depending on your veterinarian
  • A negative fecal exam is required annually. No pets will be admitted with a positive fecal test.