COVID-19 Policy

New Policies and Procedures for Drop off and Pick Up

If you or anyone in your family is coughing or running a fever, please keep yourself and your pet at home.

We will continue with our no contact policy between our human clients and staff. The following is a description of how the drop off and pick up will work at both the Small Breed Facility (BK2) and the Large Breed Facility (BK1).


  1. Please use first come/first serve etiquette and practice social distancing by waiting in your vehicle (if applicable) during pick up and drop off.
  2. Open the outside gate to the kennel and put your dog(s) inside this kennel. DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING
  3. Please remove his/her leash and take it with you.
  4. Any necessary treats/food or medicine should be marked accordingly and left in basket within the gating system. We are not accepting any other belongings. 
  5. Upon exit, close and latch the gate. The gate latch will be sanitized between each use. Our staff will retrieve your dog(s) and bring them in to the facility. 
  6. We will use our disinfected/sanitized slip leads to retrieve your dog(s).
  7. All containers used for treats, food and medicine will be sanitized with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide wipes prior to coming in our facility.


  1. Please use first come/first serve etiquette when picking up your dog(s).
  2. Practice Social Distancing while waiting for your dog(s).
  3. We will bring your dog(s) out on one of our slip leads. If you prefer, we can tether the slip lead and you can use this to retrieve your dog and take him/her to your car. 
  4. Once done, please return the slip lead to the designated bucket so that we can disinfect and sanitize the lead. If you prefer to use your leash, we will remove our slip lead prior to you retrieving your dog(s).
  5. All payments will be taken via phone and credit card unless prior arrangements are made.

Thank you for helping us help everyone stay safe.